Apex Finds Top Marketing VP for Mount & Stand E-COMM Leader, Mount-It!

Last updated on October 18th, 2022

Apex Finds Top Marketing VP for MOUNT & STAND SOLUTIONS E-Comm Leader Mount-It! V2


Mount-It is an e-commerce company that offers a variety of home office and office products like desks, TV mounts, and office furniture. The San Diego business has grown sales through its website and partnerships with select third marketplaces like Amazon. The marketing team has significant tactical capabilities to create product listings, photos, and other marketing assets. However, the Mount-It founders felt they were ready to invest in their first full-time marketing leadership position to take the company to the next level.


Find A Marketing Leader 

To Grow Mount-It

Mount-It reached out to Apex to explore recruitment possibilities. Following some exploration of the company’s needs, Apex recommended focusing on a VP of Marketing role. Since this was a new role for Mount-It, the company emphasized the position’s goals, flexibility, and highly competitive compensation.


In close collaboration with Apex’s recruitment team, Mount-It identified the following needs for the new marketing leader. 

  • Balance of marketing strategy and tactical execution.

The VP of marketing will lead a team of seven marketing staff with deep experience in e-commerce marketing. As a result, the VP is expected to focus three-quarters of their time on strategy while overseeing the marketing team’s execution quality.

  • Track record of marketing leadership. 

Mount-It sought a marketing leader with approximately seven years of leadership experience. The ideal candidate will have experience in consumer marketing and e-commerce marketing.

  • The blank canvas opportunity.

The VP of marketing at Mount-It will enjoy exceptional management support, including growing marketing budgets to achieve goals. The company founders are open to candidates to propose fresh ideas to grow revenue.

  • Optimize existing marketing campaigns and operations.

Mount-It has a strong track record of growth by pursuing various opportunities. In the next phase of its growth journey, the company needs to optimize its marketing campaigns, processes, and operations. The VP of marketing is responsible for bringing greater discipline and focus to Mount-It’s campaigns.

How To Take Your Marketing 

To The Next Level

Mount-It’s desire to hire a VP of marketing is crucial for reaching its growth goals. Whether you are replacing a marketing leader vacancy or driving to new growth, Apex can help you. 
Contact Apex today to explore your marketing talent opportunities. 

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