Apex Secured Millennium Petro Capital’s Director of Marketing in Less Than 30 Days!

Last updated on June 27th, 2023

Millennium Petro Capital came to Apex CMO Search at the beginning of 2023. They were in need of a Director of Marketing who could run and build their marketing team. Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, Millennium Petro Capital Corporation is a dynamic developer of oil and gas properties in the Texas Gulf Coast Basin. Their mission is straightforward: to help a growing population of business owners and high net-worth individuals reduce their yearly income tax burden. As well, Millennium Petro Capital emphasizes the value of environmental responsibility and ensuring our world stays safe and enjoyable for future generations. The Director of Marketing needed to be able to endorse these endeavors and ensure the mission of Millennium Petro Capital is properly communicated.

Prior to partnering with Apex, Millennium Petro Capital had challenges with previous employees in this role and needed to secure a new hire who understood people management in addition to digital marketing strategies. Millennium Petro Capital has an unparalleled reputation in the industry, which helped the Apex team gain interest from passive candidates. One of the most valuable steps in the search process for both Millennium Petro Capital and Apex was the calibration call. In this call, the Apex team presented 5-10 mock profiles of candidates that could be a good fit for the role based on predetermined search criteria. During this calibration, the partnership between Millennium Petro Capital and Apex really began to form. There was a clear understanding of what Millennium Petro Capital was looking for and a direct, honest relationship between both parties.

It is because of this excellent relationship that Apex was able to present seven fully vetted candidates to the Millennium Petro Capital team. These candidates fulfilled the mandatory criteria and were eager and aligned with the company mission. Out of these seven candidates, four went to interviews leading to the successful hire of the Director of Marketing all in less than 30 days. Millennium Petro Capital’s new Director of Marketing had a background working for a hair salon franchise across the USA. This candidate had both B2B and B2C experience and a personality that meshed well with the team. The hiring managers with Millennium Petro Capital never anticipated their new Director of Marketing would have a background in the health and beauty industry. The calibration meeting helped the Apex team understand job stretch and really flush out what criteria were most important.


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