How Apex Found Curative – A Value Based CMO

Last updated on May 4th, 2023

The Mission

The Chief Marketing Officer needed to bring extensive experience to spearhead the development and definition of marketing and brand strategies. The successful candidate will play a crucial role in leading Curative towards the launch of their next generation of Employer Health Insurance and Healthcare Delivery. Working closely with senior leadership, the Chief Marketing Officer will collaborate to create a cohesive marketing approach that supports all aspects of Curative’s operations. In close collaboration with Apex’s recruitment team, Curative identified the following needs for the new marketing leader.

Above all else, all candidates had to be passionate about bringing affordable health care to the community.


The Apex team was able to secure a new Chief Marketing Officer for Curative in November of 2022, giving the candidate a head start on ramp up before the new year.

The following recruitment strategies ensured a smooth and successful hiring experience:

The partnership between Apex and Curative is an excellent example on how vision alignment and clear communication can speed up the hiring process and ensure a group of excellent candidates are considered for the role.


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