LionGrove and Apex CMO Search – A Partnership in Paradise

Last updated on May 4th, 2023

LionGrove is a leading hospitality investment firm whose professionals have experience with the most prestigious private equity, investment banking and hotel companies in the world. LionGrove seeks to acquire and add value to hotels ranging from midscale to luxury located in fundamentally strong markets in the United States and surrounding areas. During fall of 2022, LionGrove partnered with Apex CMO Search to find a Director of Marketing to aid in general advertising and with the promotion for their newly acquired property in Puerto Rico.


The Director of Marketing was a key hire for the LionGrove team. This individual will influence the innovation and technological future of the company. The Director of Marketing needed to bring a background in tourism and hospitality as well as B2C marketing experience in digital strategies. LionGrove had previously tried to hire for this role, however, the types of candidates who were applying had more traditional marketing backgrounds and lacked digital experience. LionGrove partnered with Apex because of our targeted recruitment strategies that ensure all perfect candidates, even passive ones, are sought out, vetted, and interviewed.


In addition to four other mandatory criteria, LionGrove needed a senior individual with 10+ years of marketing experience. This ideal candidate had to be located in Puerto Rico or be open to relocation. If challenges arised surrounding location, the LionGrove team was open to having a Miami candidate who was willing to travel by plane to Puerto Rico multiple times per week. The locality of this position posed some difficulties because senior level executives, with over 10 years of experience, are less likely to relocate or travel frequently.


Apex submitted six fully vetted candidates to the LionGrove team. These six candidates met all of the mandatory search criteria and had a willingness to travel or relocate. From start to finish the Apex team was able to find LionGrove their Director of Marketing in 50 days. It is because of Apex’s targeted recruitment strategies that a successful hire was able to be made in such a short amount of time. LionGrove’s new Director of Marketing is ramping up quickly and they are excited to start promoting the beautiful property in Puerto Rico.


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